Town Manager

Council-Manager Form of Government


orth Carolina law requires municipalities to choose between two types of administration: “strong mayor” or “council-manager.” Like most communities in the state, the Town of Sharpsburg uses the council-manager format.

Under this form of administration, the citizens of Sharpsburg elect a Mayor and Board of Commissioners. The Mayor and Board of Commissioners create a vision for the community by setting the broad policies, goals, and direction of the government including adopting necessary laws. The Board also appoints three staff members: the Town Attorney , Town Clerk, and the Town Manager.

Town Manager

As the organization’s chief executive officer, the Town Manager implements the Board’s policies and oversees all Town operations. The manager advises the Board on all issues, proposes the annual budget, and coordinates the work of all municipal staff not appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

The primary responsibility of the Town Manager is to assure that the laws of the State and the ordinances, resolutions, policies and regulations, of the Board of Commissioners are faithfully executed.

Duties of the Town Manager include:

  • Attendance at all meetings of the Board of Commissioners and recommendations for adoption of such measures as shall be deemed expedient.

  •  Budget and capital improvements program recommendations in accordance with the schedule adopted by the Board of Commissioners.

  • Supervision of all work of department heads, officers and employees of the Town, as the chief executive administrative officer.

  • Preparation of reports to Mayor and Board of Commissioners from time to time on the affairs of the Town, and ensuring that the Mayor and Board of Commissioners are fully advised of the Town’s financial condition and its future financial needs.