Community and Economic Development

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s_dropcapharpsburg, N.C. is an ideal community in which to live and work, offering unparalleled quality of life an exceptional business climate.
The Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for implementing programs and services that (1) attain job creation and retention and (2) for increasing income within the Town by attracting higher-wage job opportunities.

Our mission is to be strategic and progressive while maintaining our affordability and rich history. We believe in empowering our citizens by involving them in the Town’s growth and future prosperity.
Location, Location, Location…
Sharpsburg, N.C. is located in the heart of Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson Counties (hence the Town’s Official Motto “Tri-County Hospitality”), our goal is to diversify local economic opportunities. Sharpsburg has access to the nearby Tar River and an international airport (just 4 miles outside city limits).
The Town is surrounded by three (3) major industrial highways, Interstate 95, US 64 and US 301. There is also a functioning railroad that runs directly through Town.

Sharpsburg is the place for businesses of all sizes, from international corporations to the smallest start-ups.

Planning and Zoning
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