Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How do I get to know more about the Police Department?
You may come by the police department during regular business hours to meet personnel, participate in a ride-a-long program or request to have an officer come and speak to your neighborhood, church or civic group.

Does Sharpsburg have a leash law?
Yes. All domesticated pets must be restrained by a leash or maintained in a secure area on the owner’s property.

What are the hours for the Town parks?

The parks are open from dawn until dusk. Officers lock the parks at dark. Anyone in the parks after closing may be charged with trespassing.

Does Sharpsburg have a curfew?
Yes. Youth under the age of sixteen may not be out on the streets after 10:00pm. Youth out after this hour will be transported home and their parents may be charged.

Can I request a security check on my home?
Any resident who is going to be out of town, or away from their residence for a period of time, may call or come by the police department to request that officers keep an extra watch on their home.

Does the Police Department do fingerprints for employment purposes?
Fingerprints are done free of charge for residents, non-residents are charged a $10 fee for this service.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
Police reports are available at the Police Department, normally within 24 hours. The first report is free of charge to a victim, additional reports will be supplied at a cost of $5.00 per report.

Chief Michael Thomas
PO Box 100
Sharpsburg, NC 27878

(252) 977-1098 office
(252) 977-1707 fax
(252) 977-0004 non-emergency (dial 911)