Safety Tips

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  • Keep an up-to-date list of valuables in your home in a safe place.  Take pictures and list product names with details.  This is important to have in the case of a robbery, fire, or other damage to your home.
  • Keep doors & windows locked when you are away from home or home alone. 
  • Be aware of door-to-door salesmen/couriers/charitable organizations, especially during the Holiday Season.  Sometimes thieves "pretend" to get into your home or get money.  Ask for identification, phone #s and other information before you give money (never give bank information or card numbers) to anyone just encase you're being scammed.
  • Motion lights & automatic lighting (set on timers) are good investments.  
  • If you're going to be away, have a friend or family member keep a check on your home and get your mail & newspaper.
  • Leave something playing in your home when your away, a TV or Radio, make it appears someone is home or coming back soon.
  • Don't leave packages and valuables visible through windows or doors, this may tempt someone to break-in.


  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Whenever possible, shop during daylight hours.  If not, carry a family member or friend with you.
  • Park in well lighted areas & close to entrances (when possible).
  • Lock your vehicles doors.
  • Do not leave valuables & purchases in your seat. If you must, hide them out-of-sight or lock them inside your trunk.  Don't tempt thieves!!
  • Always be aware of your surroundings & keep purses/items secure as you make your way to and from your car. 
  • Be aware of who may be lurking and up-to-no-good. Never stop is you feel there are people who look suspicious to you near your vehicle. 
  • Locate your keys & have them ready before you reaching your car.
  • Quickly put your items into your car.  Do not leave shopping bags/purses in carts unattended, place them on the ground, or on top of the vehicle to unlock your car.  This allows thieves a chance to snatch your belongings.
  • Never leave your children alone in the car or your car running unoccupied.


  • DON'T click on links in emails, posts, and social media feeds.  Go to the websites direct address by typing it into the address bar instead.  Sometimes criminals/hackers place links to gain access to your computer and financial information within these links that are being shared, once you click it, they have your information.
  • Never share your personal information online unless you are on a secure network (someplace where you have to use a password/username to gain access).  
  • When you need to share sensitive information make sure that your information is secure.  You can do this by making sure there is https at the beginning of the sites url address.  Looking for the lock symbol before the address is another great way to show the site has encryption or security measures in place to help keep your personal information safe.
  • Never give personal information over the phone!  Sometimes criminals will use information they have gained from online data, ads or other items you have clicked on to gain a piece of your personal information; and call you to "phish" for more information they need to steal your identity or gain access your banking or other accounts. 
  • Order from known merchants and research other company's before purchasing . Make sure their legitimate merchants as best you can.  Hackers will create fake websites that appear to be another company, just to steal your information when you key it in!!
  • When purchasing online, take a screen shot of the page at checkout, print information, and keep the best records possible just in case you have a problem with the product or it turns out to be a scam. *Many people that have fell into scam online never get money back, be safe!
  • Try using a credit card or pre-paid credit cards for online purchases instead of your personal bank card.  These tend to be safer and easier to get refunded when there is an issue.  Using prepaid cards allow you to add money just for online purchases; and limits the amount taken IF you were scammed.
  • Keep receipts and check your bank/card statements and report anything suspicious immediately!


  • If you're planning to drink at a party, get a designated driver, call a cab, or use public transportation.

**Driving when you have been drinking is a danger to everyone! You are in violation of NC Law if your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is .08 or higher, which could result in jail time!  Be Safe!!

If you need Help or see Suspicious behavior call Sharpsburg Police Department (252) 977-0004

(Emergency dial 911)