Mosquito Control

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Sharpsburg Public Works uses every resource available to local municipalities to protect its citizens from mosquito borne diseases through spraying and larvicide treatments and through public education.

The Town operates a spraying program on a three day cycle Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the town limits at dusk. Spraying typically begins in early March. In addition to spraying mosquito traps are strategically located throughout the town limits for testing. Testing helps public officials know if human risk of disease is rising and to reduce mosquito breeding before it becomes a public health problem.

Q: Have a Mosquito Problem or Question?

A: If you have a mosquito problem at home, or just want to ask a few questions, please call Robert Smith (Mosquito Control Officer).

Q: What Are the Most Common Sources of Mosquito Breeding In and Around the Home?

A: The majority of mosquito problems around the house can be traced to small containers that hold water for at least one week. Old bottles, cups, flowerpot water trays, birdbaths, tree holes and old tires are very good locations for mosquitoes to breed. Leaf-filled gutters are also particularly good places for mosquitoes to breed.

Q: What Are the Top Ten Ways You Can Reduce the Number of Mosquito Breeding Habitats In and Around Your Home?

A: Throw away old bottles, cans and plastic containers.

  • Clean leaf-filled gutters to allow proper drainage.
  • Turn buckets, baby pools, boats and other outside containers upside down when they are not in use.
  • Change the water in birdbaths, ornamental ponds and fountains at least once a week
  • Screen or cover rain barrels, garbage cans and other large containers. Screen open ends of corrugated plastic drainage pipes.
  • Properly dispose of or destroy old and used tires.
  • Fill in tree holes with plaster of paris.
  • Empty water from small outside containers such as flowerpot dishes.
  • Repair leaky water faucets, water hoses and air conditioners.