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he following services and support functions are provided by the Financial Services Department: oversight of Utility Billing and Collections systems, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Payroll, Fixed Asset, assist Town Manager with budget preparation, liaison with Audit Team, Funding Agencies and other external partners providing services that are sound, efficient and meet State and Federal requirements.

The Financial Services Department is committed to delivering services and support that align with the following:




   V • I • S • A
Having vision informs the department of what it should look like. Therefore, we know where we are going.


Integrity   Having integrity as trusted servants requires doing the right thing even when it is easier not to do so.
Sustainability   Building a foundation in policy, procedure and culture that is strong enough to support sound ongoing operations.
Accountability     Realizing that being public servants we endeavor to be as accountable to each other as we are to the citizens of Sharpsburg.